ReportGenerator - New release with enhanced HTML report and Cobertura support


ReportGenerator 2.5 has just been released. This latest version has some enhancements in the HTML report and and some other improvements.

Summary report enhancements

The design of the reports changed a bit. The width of the summary table was enlarged to better support long class names.
When navigating away from the summary to a class report, the previous state (filters, collapse state, etc.) will be restored on back navigation.
The branch coverage columns are now only added to the report, if the corresponding coverage tool supports branch coverage.


Class report enhancements

The class report now has a sidebar on the right. It shows the test methods, when you use OpenCovers coverbytest-feature. It also contains a list of all methods and properties of a class to quickly navigate to the corresponding line in the code.
Partially covered lines are now highlighted in orange.
The next OpenCover release will contain two new metrics. ReportGenerator already support them: Crap Score, NPath complexity.

Class report

New features

Cobertura coverage files are now supported. That allows usage of ReportGenerator also in Java or NodeJS projects.
MHTML is now supported as a new output format. It contains the full HTML report(s) in a single file.


Feedback is highly appreciated. Let me know if you like the new enhancements/features?


The latest release can be found on Nuget and on GitHub.

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