ReportGenerator - New release with custom report plugins and F# support


ReportGenerator 2.0 has just been released. The new version contains some new features and improvements. This blog post will give a brief overview of the most important changes.

Custom reports using MEF plugins

You can create custom reports by implementing the interface IReportBuilder.
Please find detailed information on this wiki page. A sample project is available for download, too.

Handling of compiler generated classes in F#

The support for F# projects has been improved. Compiler generated classes now show correct coverage information.

Improved HTML report

The HTML report was improved quite a bit. It now uses several HTML5 components.
jQuery and KnockoutJS have been replaced with AngularJS and some React components. Filtering in the old summary report was slow if the report contained a lot of classes. Now the performance is much better.
React uses a virtual DOM which makes UI updates very fast. This tutorial gives a nice introduction to React.

The class report now shows branch information if you are using OpenCover (at least version 4.5.3207).

Branch coverage

The HTML report is now supporting Internet Explorer 11. Make sure you use at least IE 9, older versions are no longer tested and supported.


The latest release can be found on GitHub and Nuget.

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