GIT - Creating a merged graph of GIT history using yUML


Two years ago Phil Haack created a tool called SeeGit. The tool visualizes the history of a GIT repository.
I decided to create a similar tool which uses yUML diagrams to render the history graph.
My tool has the ability to merge linear commits into a single node, which makes it easier to get a quick overview of a large history.

Creating the graph

To get the all history elements of a GIT repository the library LibGit2Sharp is used. After retrieving all commits of all branches, linear commits are merged into a single element.
Commits are merged if they don't have several parents (merge commit) or more than one child (new branch is created). This results in a graph where all linear commits are merged and you are able to see only the branch structure of your repository.

The resulting yUML diagrams

Rendering the graphs with is pretty easy.

The following picture shows the full graph of a GIT repository:

Full graph

This picture shows the corresponding merged graph:

Merged graph

Source Code

The latest source code can be found on GitHub.


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