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Dear reader, only one week is left until Google will shut down its popular Feed Reader. Since RSS is still relevant, it's time to migrate to another service. There are some alternatives that you could consider, when choosing a new feed reader.
Let's have a look at them.

On own behalf

If you want to continue reading my blog via RSS (and I hope you will), please add the following URL to your new feed reader:

follow us in feedly

Some alternatives

Feedly became quite popular after Google announced the shutdown Google Reader. They provide an UI that is quite similar to Google Reader, but I don't like to install a plugin to Chrome just to read some feeds. Why can't they provide a simple web interface?

Two other free service are and I did not try them myself yet.

Feedbin and are paid services. They cost 2$ to 5$ per month.

RSSly is available for free. Currently it only has a German UI.

Get started now

Since there is not much time left, it's time to chose another feed reader now. You should have a look at the alternatives and export your feeds from Google Reader soon.

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devtools korzh

devtools korzh


Good tip, will use it!




@Blair: Thanks for the hint. That looks much better now.

Blair Conrad

Blair Conrad


Hi. I was against the Feedly plugin as well, but tried it and found it seemed to operate no differently than a web page. However, you may be heartened to know that Feedly now offer a web-only solution at . Check their post: I'm still using the Chrome extension (and the Android app) and am happy with both, but I hope the cloud option meets your needs. Blair