.NET - Starting programs by speech

.NET, C#

Did you ever search an application in your start menu? Even with the search bar of Windows 7 or Windows Vista it takes some time to select the right shortcut.
In this article I will show you a tool, which enables you to start your commonly used programs by speech.

The application

When you start the application an icon is added to your system tray. To terminate the application select 'Exit' from the context menu. To edit the programs click on the icon and the following screen will appear:


Here you can Add/Edit/Delete the programs you like to start by speech. For each program you have to enter the path of the executable and the name you like to use to launch the program by speech.
After clicking the 'Save' button you can start a program by speaking its name.

The source code

I attached the source code of the application. The UI is a very simple WPF application based on the MVVM pattern. The speech recognition is implemented by using SpeechRecognitionEngine.
I described the setup of the SpeechRecognitionEngine in a former article.


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