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ReportGenerator - New release with risk hotspots analysis

ReportGenerator 3.1 has just been released. The new version ships with a new risk hotspot analysis and several other improvements.

Summary report enhancements

If you are using OpenCover you will notice a new section "Risk Hotspots".
This section shows all methods where one or more metrics exceed certain thresholds.

The thresholds are defined as follows:

Cyclomatic complexity15
NPath complexity200
Crap Score30

You can adjust those metrics in ReportGenerator.exe.config if necessary.

Example output:


Warning: The Crap Score metric is not yet officially released.

History charts

The history charts now have a zoom button which reduces the view-port to the relevant region. This enables you to better visualize small changes in coverage.

With the new -tag:MyTag command line parameter you can pass a custom tag or build number to ReportGenerator. The tags are visible in the tool tips shown in the history charts. So can better trace which commit affected coverage.


Feedback is highly appreciated. Let me know if you like the new enhancements/features.


The latest release can be found on Nuget and on GitHub.

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