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Daniel Palme

.NET consultant from Germany.

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ASP.NET - Count feed subscribers without Feedburner

The most important advantage of Feedburner is the subscriber count. But Feedburner is not an option for everyone, since the address of your feed changes if you move it to Feedburner.
You could redirect requests to your feed to the new address, the disadvantage though is that when someone opens the URL in his browser the browser will show the new address.
In this post I will show an approach how you can get a subscriber count, without moving your feed to Feedburner.

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WPF - Animation of graph algorithms - Part 1

A few years ago I had to create some animations of graph algorithms. That meant two things: I had to implement algorithms like Dijkstra or Kruskal and then create a visual representation of the algorithm, so one could see what happens step by step.
The code was written in C++ using LEDA for the graphs data structure and AGD (now called OGDF) for visualization.

In this series I will describe how I implemented a tool for creating graph animations in .NET using WPF. This first part will discuss the underlying data structures. The second part will concentrate on the 3D stuff and the animations.

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ASP.NET MVC - SampleApplication based on Entity Framework 4.0

The intention of the MVCSampleApplication was to build a sample application using the latest .NET technologies.

The ASP.NET MVC application provides a simple guestbook, where users can register and post comments. Administrators may additionally edit and delete comments. Moreover a WPF based client is included, using the same services as the web application.

This article describes the key implementation aspects and overall architecture of the application. It does not contain a step-by-step tutorial explaining every detail, as you find many blog posts discussing all the technologies being used by this project on the internet. The goal here was to put all these technologies together in one application.

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ASP.NET MVC - Routing of Legacy URLs

When you convert an existing ASP.NET application to ASP.NET MVC you will sooner or later want to handle legacy URLs.
Imagine an ASP.NET application containing the page "YourPage.aspx".
Now you want to redirect request to that legacy URL to the new MVC Action: "Home/YourPage".

I have looked at several implementations on the internet, but none of them was really simple.
Thus I implemented another solution which is really easy to configure.

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